About Us

Our mission: To bring the most excited mini games to our users. We have build our site to gather the most interresting mini guns games at one place. Our site has already 50+ games and it will get constantly updated with new games, so it will not lack on excitement. The games are very addictive and they are made for all ages, no mather how old you are, there is still game-loving child in everyone of us, right? Our site is the right place if you want to “kill” your spare time while travelling or while waiting in your office, or just to have some fun. But the site is mostly designated for children because the games are rather simple, without complicated tasks and they are free to play. The most important thing is that the site is easy accessible, everything is transparent and in order so you can overlook all games at once and simply scroll trough them and pick a game of your choice. For those which are interrested in greater challenges, we have also put together more challenging games in which you will have to rather think and create a strategy to finish it. Our team will constantly keep the site updated and will give everything to keep our gamers satisfied and to offer them various and most excited guns games which they find online. For any questions or information that you need you can contact us at the “Contact us” section.